Why is dental health important?

Many People wonder or question why should I go to the dentist not knowing the why are dental visits necessary and how they relate to your overall health!

Our teeth and gums provide insight into both our physical being and our physical wellbeing. Ignore your teeth and they will go away!

The care we take off our teeth says something about us. If they are healthy, white, and attractive, that says a lot about your appearance and self-esteem. There is no better way to say HI or make a good first impression than a beautiful smile. People who neglect their dentition are saying they do not care about themselves and they do not care about their health.

Perhaps our first intimate contact with others involves a kiss. Do you want to kiss someone with clean teeth and fresh breath or someone with bad breath and a smile that is missing some of its parts? Ever seen a movie star or model with bad teeth? The way we handle our dental care speaks volumes about ourselves and how other see us.

Dental visits are necessary, not only a must to maintain your teeth, but can also be an indicator of our overall health. Many diseases are first manifested in the oral cavity before they are diagnosed in the body. Worn, eroded teeth can correlate to tooth grinding (stress), gastric reflux or anorexia/bulimia. Lesions of the oral cavity can be cancerous, or related to autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, HIV or Leukemia. The yellow color of the gums can be linked to jaundice and other liver diseases. Swollen bleeding gums in young women may be related to hormonal changes in pregnancy. Bleeding gums and periodontal disease often are correlated to diabetes.

Finally, without teeth, you cannot eat properly, a critical factor in health. Teeth are the first part of digestion. Teeth break down food to aid digestion and allow your body to get the nutrients needed for survival. In the wild an animal that loses its teeth will die. Studies of the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION SHOW THOSE INDIVIDUALS THAT RETAIN THEIR TEETH WILL LIVE LONGER.

There are a lot of reasons to go to the dentist. It is not just teeth but health! To get started on improving your health, appearance, and general self-image call Dr. Steve Gilson at 954-424-4600 for an exam and cleaning today. Do not delay a better, healthier you.