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What a difference a nice smile can make! Have you ever met someone and they have a beautiful smile? It was one of the first things you noticed about them. Have you ever met a person with an unattractive smile, I bet in an equally memorable way, it too was unforgettable. It is the first thing you see when you meet someone and the most important thing you remember. The bottom line is a smile says many things about us: do we care about our self-image, do we value health, are we confident and do we project a positive and energetic persona.

How do you feel about your smile? Do you smile and have others compliment you about it, and do they smile back? Or are you keeping your hand in front of your mouth and embarrassed by broken, discolored or missing teeth? Is your smile holding you back from realizing your personal goals and opportunities both socially and in business? According to a study by the ADA and the academy of cosmetic dentistry, a new smile can often make us appear more successful, intelligent, interesting and wealthy. People who smile are more attractive to others and are more successful socially and in business.

There are many painless and effective treatments to improve the appearance of your most valuable asset. Many people are too ashamed to talk about their teeth and have spent many years ashamed. Not necessary! Patients seeking cosmetic dentistry are living in the best of times with methods that can preview the changes they may want to make. Let’s disclose some of these techniques.

Discolored teeth can be bleached. Are your teeth dark, yellow or otherwise dull in color? Bleaching with the helium arch light is quick and effective in most cases. The methods used in malls with the LCD light are like a tea spoon when the helium arc in office technique with the ZOOM is like a shovel. The results are much more dramatic and long lasting. However this technique is not for everyone, a consultation with Doctor Gilson is necessary to determine if this is right for you. At Gentle Family Dentistry, we offer a variety of bleaching alternatives.

Are you a victim of broken or missing teeth? Perhaps you had a childhood accident and caused you to have lost or fractured teeth. There are inexpensive and painless procedures to fix your smile. Consider ceramic (no metal) crowns and bridges to fix broken and discolored teeth. An aesthetic analysis can be done prior to the commitment to the procedure so you as the patient can see the result. At Gentle Family Dentistry alternatives as well as cost/ benefits are carefully reviewed with the patient.

Crowded or teeth with spaces bothering you? There are many modern orthodontic methods to resolve these issues. Invisalign or invisible braces are one such option. Gentle Family Dentistry of Plantation also performs the Inman aligner, a far less expensive and faster alternative to one arch braces. Once again a consultation is needed to determine which method is right for you. These are painless orthodontic methods and well tolerated by adult patients.

Finally for severe cases of missing teeth dentures, Partial dentures and implants are available. Dentures should be considered to be remade every five years. For those long term wearing denture patients who can no longer wear their teeth comfortably, implants are a valuable adjunct to help hold their prosthesis in and give them a stable foundation to eat and smile. For short spans of missing teeth, implants are a wonderful alternative to partial dentures or missing teeth. The technology for implants has improved immensely over the last few years. Both painless and high cosmetic results are achievable with great clinical certainty in the right hands.

A beautiful smile can change your life at any age. A great smile can change your life! Contact and consult your Plantation Dentist at Gentle Family Dentistry for a great experience. Call us at 954-424-4600. Dr. Steven Gilson.