discount dental plans at affordable prices, our dental insurance alternatives are sure to help you and your families dental care needs.

VIP Dental Discount Program

If you are looking for an affordable dentist in South Florida, you will find it with Gentle Family Dentistry. We realize that not everyone has Dental Insurance but everyone should have access to affordable dental care, which is why we offer our patients the Gentle Family Dentistry VIP Discount Program as part of our commitment to make comprehensive, high-quality dentistry affordable.

The Gentle Family Dentistry of Plantation VIP Discount Program provides a substantial fee discount off services ranging from preventive care to oral surgery. This program is ideal for individuals without dental insurance or those seeking discounts on cosmetic procedures. This program is not Dental Insurance… it is better!

Gentle Family Dentistry VIP Dental Discount Program Benefits:

Discounted fees on most dental treatments that we offer at our office including general, cosmetic and specialty dentistry.

  • No referral, pre-approval or authorization required
  • No waiting period for any services all services are available to you immediately.
  • No Limits, maximum or excluded treatment
  • No Deductibles!
  • No claim forms, no paperwork, no insurance company, and no hassle.
  • Same-Day Care for true dental emergencies
  • Never a charge for second opinions!
  • A team who really cares about you and your dental health!
  • Treatment – ADA Code / Description – FEE/DISC.

     Office Visit / Infection Control – $5.00
  • Diagnostic –D01000-D0999

    Non-Emergency Examination, X-Rays – No Charge
    Emergency Examination D0140 – $15.00
    All Other Examination Services – 65% OFF

  • Preventive – D1000/D1999
    Restorative – D2000-D2999

    30% OFF
    Fillings, Inlays, Onlays, Single Crowns, Fixed Bridgework

  • Rendodontics – D3000-D3999

    30% OFF
    Pulpotomies, Simple Root Canals

  • Periodontics – D4000-D4999

    30% OFF

  • Prosthodontics – D5000-D5900 (Removable)

    30% OFF
    Partials and Complete Dentures, Denture Repairs Does not include lab fees.

  • Oral Surgery – D7000-D7999

    30% OFF
    Simple Extractions

  • Adjunctive Services – D9000-D9999

    Consultations, Sedation, Bleaching & other miscellaneous services (excluding all retail products)


Discounts under this program shall not apply to treatment started prior to enrollment nor to any treatment paid in whole or in part by insurance. No insurance benefits or other discounts offered may be combined with this program. This program is NOT dental insurance and only available to Gentle Family Dentistry patience. Not applicable on Implant and Implant related services.