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General Dentistry of Plantation

Gentle Family Dentistry of Plantation offers a wide range of general, cosmetic and specialty dental services and procedures aside from those you have come to expect from your family dentist. Our general dentistry services address diagnosis, prevention, treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions associated with your oral health.

Many people do not realize the serious implication and ramifications of poor oral health. Good oral health is imperative for a complete and overall health. Irregular dental visits and poor oral hygiene can lead to other health problems, including tooth loss, problems with the heart, other major organs and even digestion problems that may result in weight gain, even diabetes.

So what are the building blocks of general dentistry?

Silver Fillings

Amalgam – The type of filling material that one thinks of as silver or mercury fillings. In fact, amalgam contains these metals as well as tin, copper, chrome, as well as many other metals hence, ¬†is an “amalgam” of materials. The use of this material is controversial and is not considered aesthetic.

White Composite

Composite/Bonding – this is a filling material that is tooth colored. The material sticks or “bonds” to the tooth structure. All filings in this category are considered cosmetic.

Bonding and Restoration are done solely to improve the cosmetic appearance of a tooth. Uses include removing stains, closing gaps, changing tooth shape or contour.

Extractions/Oral Surgery

Simple – any tooth removal that is with complication or requiring a surgical approach.

Surgical – any tooth removal requiring an incision or suture. Removal of roots or broken down parts of teeth that necessitate a surgical approach.

Root Recovery – removal of residual roots in the jaw to prevent infection.

Impaction – Removal of teeth that are buried in the jaw partially or completely. Usually associated with third molars.

Bone Grafting – the placement of synthetic or natural bone sources to fill an area (usually an extraction socket) to prevent the bone from getting lost on the site in the future. This is usually done to preserve the bony ridge for future implant placement.

TMS (Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome)

Pain in the jaw caused by a misalignment of the muscles, Jaw joint and teeth. Treatment is multifaceted. Appliance therapy is common as well as adjustment of the bite. Each case has special needs and is treated as such. Many other symptoms such as headaches and nonspecific jaw pain are referred from TMJ to create dysfunction and pain; for example, many times migraine headaches may be the result of undiagnosed TMS (temporomandibular joint syndrome)

Emergency Care

Gentle Family Dentistry of Plantation offers emergency dental treatments and we welcome walk-ins with and without insurance!

Root Canals/Endodontics

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Single Crowns

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