Dental Insurance and ObamaCare!

ObamaCare Dentist in Plantation Fl

On March 23, 2010 president Obama signed into law legislation to give more Americans access to health care. This act was called The Affordable Care Act, or ACA. The primary focus was providing medical care for Americans at a price they could afford. How does this law affect dental care? The reality is both good and bad.

The policies which one can purchase in the market place have a separate dental rider. In this regard dental insurance is very different than medical insurance. Most of the plans one can purchase are managed care or discount plans. This means, that while there is no payment or reimbursement for dental services from the insurance company on behalf of the patient, under these plans, the cost of services is greatly reduced. For example, if one needs a cap or a crown under one of these plans the out of pocket cost or “co-payment” for said services could range from several hundred to a thousand dollars. While this is far from free, without this policy the cost maybe as much as 40% more. In essence, cost of dental care is reduced, but the burden is still born by the consumers.

Dr. Steve Gilson of Gentle Family Dentistry is a participating provider in most plans. Dental care is important for total health, and we endeavor to provide a full range of services in accordance to the guidelines and fees of the various ACA plans. Please call for an appointment and evaluation to determine your dental needs.