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We hear a lot about dental implants as the best way to replace missing teeth. The usual response to implant dentistry is it is really expensive! That said there seem to be a wide range of price for this type of procedure. What makes one implant different from another?

Dr. Steven M. Gilson DMD. at Gentle Family Dentistry is a cosmetic dentist in Plantation Florida with over 30 years of experience as a family and cosmetic dentist and here is point of view on the subject! Basically, implants are dental appliances that resemble a screw. These are normally made out of exotic metals such as titanium and are designed to fix a crown or bridge prosthesis. Just like most things in life, one gets what the pay for.

Implants vary in the purity of their material; some although made MOSTLY out of titanium, may be alloyed of other trace metals. The purity of materials, just like pure gold contributes to the quality and cost. Impure metals do not integrate or attach to the jaw bone as well, and are more prone to fail or infect.

Design of the implant is key. Screws are designed with different tapers, thread sizes and pitches; all of which contribute to the fit of the fixture and its integration into the bone of the jaw.

The head of the implant is important in both prosthetic design and force resolution. Thin necked implants are more likely to fracture (an ugly outcome). The design of some implants are more ideal to produce good aesthetic results for individual restorations, and others work better as part of a group.

Probably the most critical factor is the skill of the doctor. Poorly placed implants are destined to fail no matter how well designed. Poorly placed implants can also result in infections, nerve injuries and deformity.

All these factors contribute to the success of the implant and its cost. Remember, cheap surgery is no bargain. If you are looking into dental implants in Plantation, Gentle Family Dentistry would like to offer you a FREE consultation. Dr. Steven M. Gilson DMD. and Associates at Gentle Family Dentistry in Plantation, Florida have the experience and skill set required to make you dental implant procedure a success.