What Does My Insurance Cover?

Do you know what does your insurance covers? As a leading dental office in Plantation, Florida not a day goes by where a patient is surprised about what their dental insurance covers and what it does not. When talking about dental insurance, it is important to point out that most dental needs fall into three categories: Basic, major, and preventative. For the most part most all preventative needs are covered but at a minimal level. For [...]

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How Does Obama Care Affect My Dental Coverage?

Dental Insurance and ObamaCare! On March 23, 2010 president Obama signed into law legislation to give more Americans access to health care. This act was called The Affordable Care Act, or ACA. The primary focus was providing medical care for Americans at a price they could afford. How does this law affect dental care? The reality is both good and bad. The policies which one can purchase in the market place have a separate dental [...]

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