Are All Dental Implants Created Equal?

We hear a lot about dental implants as the best way to replace missing teeth. The usual response to implant dentistry is it is really expensive! That said there seem to be a wide range of price for this type of procedure. What makes one implant different from another? Dr. Steven M. Gilson DMD. at Gentle Family Dentistry is a cosmetic dentist in Plantation Florida with over 30 years of experience as a family and cosmetic [...]

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I need a Root Canal! Oh my God!!!

Perhaps the most misunderstood and misrepresented treatment that dentists do for their patients is the procedure of root canal. No other procedure conjures images of pain and suffering. In fact, root canal treatment or endodontic therapy is most often performed to get patients out of pain and is itself an almost painless procedure in the right hands. At my Plantation dental office, one of the most popular question I get asked is: What is root [...]

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